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What we do

Find the best candidate for your team

Selecting the best candidate is oftentimes like finding a needle in a haystack. We at 2bt employ scientifically developed methods to gather information regarding your team and applicants. Via statistical analyses we evaluate each candidate’s fit to the role and to your team in general and provide detailed information on areas of good fit as well as challenges. The information allows us to compose a ranking of candidates based on their psychological fit. This can be combined with other metrics, such as past performance or salary expectation, to give integrated recommendations.

Evaluate the psychological status-quo and identify potentials

The psychological inner life of teams is an important resource but difficult to grasp. We at 2bt know that and use our experience of more than a decade in quantitative (psychological) research to identify relevant areas, e.g. roles (such as leadership) and social norms (such as values or customs) of your team. Afterwards, we build on existing literature to identify potentials to support relevant outcome parameters of your team (such as group cohesion). The knowledge derived allows you to extend your team management and your performance in the future.

Gain competitive advantages

Competition is tough and advantages are hard to achieve. With our product, we provide location-based information regarding your team as a psychological entity that has been unknown up to now and is not part of the approach of your competitors. This additional layer of information can be used as a unique benefit to shift the odds in your favor on the contemporary markets in which you are active.

Tailored to your specific needs

Not every team is the same, some need an extra touch. At 2bt we understand that and we create solutions that match the needs of your unique situation. Together with you, we can customize our product in such a way that it fits your specific situation to get the most out of your team and achieve maximum impact. This means identifying the most pressing and important areas of investigations as well as adapting the insights to your specific needs and situation.

Fully online possible

Time and convenience are essential. We at 2bt know that and offer a flexible and location-independent solution that can be carried out completely online in an asynchronous digital environment (no scheduled meetings are necessary). However, we offer synchronous interaction (video conferences, workshops) as well and would be more than pleased to get to know you and your team in real life.

“2bt gave me a really early insight into how the guys think and what they need.
Helps me handle them differently in different situations.”

– Chris Harris, Headcoach Phoenix Hagen

Photo by Jörg Laube

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